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Welcome to VITO Selling!  Tony Parinello here, your guide, to reaching Presidents, CEOs, Owners and 'C' Suite Executives.   You CAN sell to VITO (those important titles previously mentioned) and you CAN cut your sales cycle in half by doing so.  You just need to the right words to say, quesitons to ask, and the people in VITO's organization to align yourself with. 

You can find me at in VITO University. It's there that we can work together 1-on-1 to tailor YOUR VITO speak.

Aug 24, 2018

When it comes to making tough decisions how do you best position your strongest traits and characteristics?

What's the best way to compensate for any weakness you may have?

Coach Steve shows us the way!


Coach Steve Dailey -

Tony Parinello, Selling to VITO -