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Welcome to VITO Selling!  Tony Parinello here, your guide, to reaching Presidents, CEOs, Owners and 'C' Suite Executives.   You CAN sell to VITO (those important titles previously mentioned) and you CAN cut your sales cycle in half by doing so.  You just need to the right words to say, quesitons to ask, and the people in VITO's organization to align yourself with. 

You can find me at in VITO University. It's there that we can work together 1-on-1 to tailor YOUR VITO speak.

Aug 2, 2018

Gist:  After four years of quota plus performance and being in the Million Dollar Club...I found myself on probation! I had six months to save my job! I did it by Selling to VITO, the Very Important Top Officer!

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Transcription: We are going to talk about Linolemville and wasting away in Linolemville with a character I call Seemore. 'Seemore Jones' down in Linoleumville, down in the bowels of the company but which one is Seemore? They ‘see more’ of everything…more presentations, proposals, analyses, demos, site visits, referrals and all that kind of stuff.  

The Seemores of the world are interesting individuals. We salespeople tend to put way too much trust in the ability to get the sale completed. Many salespeople make mistakes, tremendous tactical mistakes by putting our sale and our career in the hands of Seemore (down in Linoleumville). Rest assured that Seemore really doesn’t know how to sell and would never be a salesperson. This happens time and time again to all of us. That’s going to stop if you follow my advice.

Now why am I so good at this? Why do I know this?

Because I learned the hard way and I don’t really want you to have to learn it the way I learned how to get out of Linolemville. When I started my sales career, I was very successful selling to the Seemores of the world. Just out of brute strength and determination. I had so many opportunities in my sales pipeline with Seemores of the world down in Linolemville; engineers and head scientists as I sold Hewlett Packard computers back in the day.  I had so much activity because I had so much energy.  I was so young that down in the linoleumville I stirred the pot so much; I was actually voted Rookie of the Year. I was in the Million Dollar Club for the first 4 years of my sales career.  I just conquered it by brutal strength and determination. I endured the long sales cycle and the fall out and the minuscule sales that would come in as a result of working down in Linoleumville. Down in Linoleumville it’s dark and dusty and everything happens very slowly and if it does happen and if your sale ever does happen it’s an itsy-bitsy teeny sale. But if you’ve got enough itsy-bitsy teeny sales you make your quota...well guess what? I got tired of that, as you will also. You’ve learned the lesson that the energy you put forth down in Linoleumville, you’ll run out of it and your sales will start to slump, as mine did. I hope it doesn’t happen to you before you learn the VITO dance because I had to create a VITO dance back then out of desperation, not out of choice.

I didn’t want to sell the VITO. I HAD to sell to VITO. In my fourth year of sales I was halfway through the year with 19% of quota because I was running out of gas and I had to get on track. I had six months to keep my job and I did it by starting the VITO process (way back then) and now I’ve perfected it over the years and that’s what I’m teaching you…the perfected VITO dance. 

No, it’s not about ignoring the Seemores of the world down in Linoleumville.  You can put all sorts of interesting titles on Seemore. They could be buyers or purchasing agents, head engineers or scientists, marketing managers or office managers. They could be the people that I choose to call the Influencers because they’re influential. They’re not Decision Makers. They can influence the Decision Maker. The Decision Maker has to take the decision, the shortlist to VITO (the Very Important Top Officer) and then because they have the ultimate veto power. 

So, the VITO dance you will learn and perfect under my guidance is not about excluding the Seemores of the world from your life or from your sales process. It’s impossible!! It’s just putting them in the right order of priority; not giving them the entire authority because they don’t have any or they have very little. They give opinions.  We have to stop starting our sales process down in Linoleumville. They’re easy to get a hold of, and sure they call you and they’re always inviting you out and it fills up your calendar, your weekly sales calendar with lots of activity but that activity takes time and takes the place of real sales work or the good work you need to be doing with VITO.  So, we need to flip-flop stuff around you need to stop making your initial call on Seemore. You need to stop making so many sales calls to Seemore because they can’t buy jack and you need to start your sales process with VITO. That’s what we’re all about, helping you start your sales process with VITO – the VERY IMPORTANT TOP OFFICER!